MTC International

MTC for the last 20 years has been involved in building training centers around the world to serve the oil & gas industry.

We were the founders of Maritiem Trainingscentrum in Holland in 1994 and after acquiring Nutec, the Global Safety Group became one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of maritime and offshore training services. In 2007 Falck A/S acquired the company.

Since then we have been serving our clients with competence and training management (software) solutions whereby we have been able to get a good understanding of how the training market was developing in certain areas of the world.

Since 2013, we have been approached by various training centers whom we have helped building and developing their facility. We have invested in most of those centers and managed to get them an OPITO approval. We do not provide training courses, we are creating a franchise serving training providers and their clients.

Our expertise lies in international training standards like OPITO, STCW and GWO.

Our services are structured around the international standards. We provide course curriculums (master folders), train-the-trainer programs, quality management systems and audit support. We also supply and manufacture training equipment, some by our own design.

Join the MTC International franchise and benefit from the following:

  • Use of the MTC International brand and corporate identity
  • Full support in process towards achieving international accreditations (OPITO, STCW, GWO)
  • Support and consultancy for:
    • sourcing investments and starting the business
    • procurement of the training grounds
    • design, engineering, commissioning and operation of the training center: turn-key when needed
  • Access to our library with off-the-shelf course material
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Recruitment and training of staff
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Annual maintenance & update plans for equipment and courses
  • Shared services:
    • Course administration & course administration system
    • Website and online booking module
    • Global booking platform
    • Joined marketing and commercial support
    • Digital marketing, Social Media
    • Training spare parts
    • Network certification
  • Economy of scale in procurement and development of equipment, forms, handbooks, brochures and other materials
  • On-site support during training, audits etc.
  • Access to the MTC Academy, Forum, Library and off-the-shelf course material.
  • Continuous support and coaching, sharing of knowledge, training, benchmarking and management information
  • Compliance of all our equipment and services to the relevant standards.

More information?

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