Shallow-water HUET Simulator

HUET Simulator

Shallow-water HUET designed by MTC International.

The HUET simulator is used in training sessions for crash landing by a helicopter in water areas. MTC shallow water HUET can be operated in a 2-meter (6.7 feet) pool depth. It is perfect for training centers that need to provide OPITO approved trainings.

If you are considering building a new training pools, MTC’s HUET simulator will help reduce the water-depth required, which means a reduction of the commissioning and operational costs of the pool.

Existing pools on the diving side usually have a water depth of 2 meters, which is sufficient for this HUET.

The Shallow Water HUET can be supplied in combination with the HUET Gravity Crane.


HUET crane and HUET simulator are offered individually or as a package including course material from our Library. Both are offered for sale or under a lease/franchise agreement.

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