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How much time will it take to become accredited by OPITO/Flag state/GWO
This is depending on your organization. When you have a mature organization with a quality management system in place, such as ISO 9001, and experienced teaching staff, a timeframe of 6 to 8 months should be manageable.

What are the costs involved in becoming approved by OPITO/Flag state/GWO
The audit costs for the external accreditation body, such as OPITO/Flag state/GWO, are a minor part of the investment to get your training center approved. The scope of courses you would like to get accredited will determine the investment. During our analysis of your center and its potential we will be able to provide you with a proper estimation of the costs involved.

We have a training facility, can we upgrade this to an OPITO/STCW/GWO accredited center?
Yes you certainly can. MTC International provides a franchise to new and existing centers.

Can I use only part(s) of MTC International’s services?
Yes, our modular approach allows you to pick and choose from our menu what you would like to use for your business. In many occasions elements from the areas of focus, such as management systems, competent staff, training curriculum, are likely to be available in your organization.

How do I use the Master Folders in the MTC Library?
Master folders are comprehensive documents containing all necessary details to plan and provide courses to your clients according to the standard. For example: the folder will contain a detailed lesson plan including course aims and outcomes, written procedures how to execute the practical training, PowerPoint presentations and written assessments to check the competency of your delegates.

Which standard should we follow in our region?
We separate business streams into: Shipping-STCW accreditation, Offshore-OPITO accreditation and Renewable energy-GWO accreditation. However in some areas of operation your client will be faced with multiple standards, for example when your client is a marine contractor with a working barge/vessel under contract of an Oil major. This will result in the need to adhere to both the Shipping and Offshore standards. Our market research of your region will provide knowledge of this potential client base.

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