OPITO Standards Training

OPITO Standards Training

MTC International offers OPITO standards training, tailor-made for everyone interested in pursuing an OPITO approval for their center.

OPITO standards are created and maintained by oil and gas industry workgroups incorporating industry representatives, training providers as well as industry associations. When it comes to OPITO standards training programs, these workgroups provide the direction of courses from a content, objectives, assessment criteria or instructor requirements. MTC is always up to date with the latest standards to ensure that our training courses are following the latest initiatives and regulations.

Our tailor-made OPITO standards training varies from a 1-day ‘Introduction to OPITO’ workshop to a full Train-the-Trainer program and a Maintenance program. Complete the information request form or send an email to for more information about our OPITO programs.

1 day workshop: Introduction to OPITO

The program will provide an introduction to the OPITO standard and approval process and will be led by instructors with a vast experience in implementation of OPITO training at training centers worldwide.

Costs: Free of charge. (Excl. travel costs.)

OPITO Standards Training Curriculum

  • About OPITO, thirty years of history
  • Training Provider Advisory Group & Industry forums
  • Vantage registration system
  • The Emergency and non-emergency response framework, Opito global standards
    a. Standards for Basic Emergency Response
    b. Standards for Specialist Emergency Response Roles
    c. Standards for Occupational Roles
    d. Standards for Induction to the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Guide to Opito approval for training providers
    a. Management systems
    b. Physical resources
    c. Staff & staff development
    d. Training & assessment
  • Approvals application process
  • The Opito audit system
    a. The Desktop Audit
    b. The training providers site audit
    c. The yearly monitoring audit
  • Comparison with other relevant training standards


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