Accreditation support

Accreditation support

To become an accredited center, the following elements must be up to par with the applicable standards:

  1. Facilities & Equipment
  2. Management System / Quality handbook
  3. Course curriculum, lesson plans (Master Folder)
  4. Staff

MTC supports training centers in all aspects according to proven models. The goal of these models is to incorporate new standards and new working methods fully in the daily operations of the training center. To achieve this, the program is tailored and executed in full cooperation with the team at the center, so all methods and procedures will become second nature and the entire team feels confident in applying them to their daily job.

At the end of the process, when everyone is ready, the audit will be requested. The audit itself will also be fully supported by the team from MTC.


This service is also available for centers that would like to renew their accreditation or centers looking for assistance with their periodic audits and internal audits.

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